In addition to the infrastructural works undertaken as outlined, Lefco Construction also undertake structural and building works. In this context, listed below are some of the major projects completed.

Nelson's Spring Development

LEFCO was contracted to drive 300 each 12x12 concrete piles in order to construct the projects.

Newcastle Airport Expansion Project

LEFCO supplied fill, ready mixed concrete, heavy equipment.

Charlestown Port Rehabilitation Port Project

LEFCO was sub-contracted by the main Contractor, Janin Caribbean Limited to supply Ready missed concrete and heavy equipment.

Long Point Deep Water Port Project

LEFCO was sub-contracted by the main contractor Mohammed Abdulmohsin AlĀ¬ Kharafi & Sons, for supplying ready mix concrete for the jetty works, sub-base and base material, equipment rental, construction of culverts for access road.

Medical University Of The Americas Medical Dormitories

Construction of five (5) two storey buildings at Rawlins Pasture and Potworks. These buildings are used to provide accommodation for students and professors.

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